Apple Now allows Developers To Hide Apps from Appearing in Search & Recommendation

Apple announced a new way of distributing apps on the App Store via its blog. The new Unlisted App Distribution feature allows the developers to hide their apps from appearing in App Store search results, recommendations, categories and any other sort of listings.

However, the app would still be visible on Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager.

The new Unlisted Distribution feature is useful for apps that are designed for certain events or for any specific organization. Although developers could already limit the access of apps to certain users via login and other authentication processes. But still it doesn’t make sense to appear those apps in recommendations and search results that are not built for general usage.

Apps with Unlisted Distribution Method will be available to all the users who have access to the app’s URL.

Request for Unlisted App Distribution

The developer needs to first submit a request to Apple. If approved, Apple will provide you with a link to the app. You can share that link with the people whom you want to give access to your apps. One thing to pay attention to is that once your application is approved, the distribution method can’t be changed thereafter.

Apple has also instructed that this new distribution method is not for the beta or TestFlight version of the app. It is only for final distribution of apps on the App Store.

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