Twitter tests a ‘Leave this conversation’ feature

Twitter is testing n a feature that will allow users to opt-out of a twitter conversation. Once enabled, the feature will untag and mute the specific conversation forever.

Have you ever been a part of Twitter discussion thread where you got dragged unnecessarily? Happens to me always.

Previously you could mute the conversation by tapping on the three dots available on the top right section of that tweet. The problem with this feature was that it only mutes the notification. Users could still tag you in the discussion.

To solve this problem twitter started working on a feature called “Unmention Yourself”, back in June 2021. This feature was first got mentioned by Twitter privacy designer Dominic Camozzi on his Twitter profile.

But to make this feature less confusing for users, Twitter changed the name later to “Leave the conversation”.

The feature has again got spotted by several beta users.

Twitter "Leave this conversation"

The “Leave this conversation” button will

  • Untag your username throughout the thread
  • Keep you from being mentioned again in that conversation
  • Stop further notifications

If someone still tags you in the conversation, Twitter will simply change the tag link into a normal text.

Once you leave, you can’t rejoice the conversation again.

The feature is expected to roll out to everyone soon, as it is already in the testing phase.

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